Jeff Alan West
Spellings of Gravitas


DATES: February 1 - May 3, 2020

RECEPTION: February 7, 2020 6:00-8:00 pm

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The works of art in “Jeff Alan West: Spellings of Gravitas” are inspired by and depart from the graphic forms of typography, calligraphy, and handwriting. The exhibit is made up of works that are abstractions of invented character forms and assembled into combinations of expressive languages we are not quite able to read, but speak nonetheless to our current personal, social, civil, cultural, and political contexts. The compositions refer to the contemporary structures and experiences of communication; our conversations, public pronouncements, blog posts, and tweets. His work in digital prints and painting is a product of a back and forth creative process using both traditional manual tools, such as pencil and brush, and digital image tools, like Illustrator and Photoshop. As in his design and illustration practice, working with both spontaneity and structure allows him to rapidly explore many variations and possibilities.

His artistic process is influenced by his background and career of 30 years as a graphic designer and illustrator. Graduating with a Masters of Art in Art - Sculpture from San Jose State University in 1979, he entered the digital age working as a production artist and graphic designer at Apple Computer Creative Services starting in 1983 just as the Mac was being introduced. Later he worked with Adobe for the premier rollout of Illustrator, becoming one of the first illustrators nationwide to adopt the software. He has since returned to his fine art roots and is an emerging artist. Selected current works have recently been accepted into the permanent collections of the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Triton Museum of Art.