A Child's World

Don Fritz: Humpty-Puzzle Piece, 2009, Raku fired ceramic

Isis Rodriguez:Wonder Woman LMA, 1999

What is A Child’s World? Is it a world full of fantasy and magic? Is it a world of fairies and superheroes, monsters and mud pies? Children have the gift of temporarily abandoning harsh realties and replacing them with games, songs, and laughter - a gift of which we, as adults, are often envious. Throughout history, artists have strived to recapture the essence of childhood. Paul Gauguin proclaimed he wanted to “paint like a child.” Pablo Picasso declared, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
      Interest in the culture of childhood persists to this day. The artists in this exhibition have created a child’s world of their own, where personal as well as collective childhood experiences become tangible expressions of contemporary life. These artists captivate with whimsical images, such as Wonder Woman flashing her indestructible bracelets, a pink Bambi resting on a red carpet, or the white outlines of twin bunnies with paws almost touching. However, once deeper inside the work, viewers find themselves face to face with issues such as gender struggles, culture clash, and personal conflict. The artists in this exhibition include Squeak Carnwath, Enrique Chagoya, Don Fritz, David Huffman, Lucy Puls, Kyle Reicher, Laurie Reid, Walter Robinson, Isis Rodriguez, Mary Snowden, Kathryn Spence, and Heidi Zumbrun.

This exhibition is curated by Stephanie Learmonth, Registrar & Associate Curator.

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