Beverly Rayner: Museum of Mesmerism & Psychic Art


DATEFebruary 15 – April 18, 2014

RECEPTIONFriday, February 21, 2014, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

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Beverly Rayner, An Illusionist's Portable Conjuring Theatre,

n.d., Found Objects

Beverly Rayner’s work is propelled by a fascination with the everyday workings of human nature and the psychological quirks lurking in our minds. Personal and social perspectives color our perceptions and hold sway over our actions, affecting everything from emotional relationships to world politics. She explores how we see ourselves, how we relate to each other, how we set up systems to navigate life in this world, and how we negotiate with nature through science and technology.
Her mixed media constructions are built around photographic imagery. Rayner’s work takes on a wide variety of formats and is often sculptural. She uses a wide range of photographic materials in many processes, both her own and found, which she frequently alters or physically manipulates – painting, peeling, cutting, etc. The images are integrated into some combination of raw materials and objects (both cast-off and new), a process that culminates in the formulation of singular, hybrid image-objects

 This exhibition will feature work from the collection of The Museum of Mesmerism & Psychic Phenomena, which Rayner established in Bzinica Stara, Poland in 1999, while researching her ancestral roots. Her  research led her to a mysterious abandoned building, which records indicated was last owned by her great-great aunt, Bronka Katarzyna. This building was crafted by a mystical order of seers and conjurers that established an outpost in Bzinica Stara centuries ago and was restored and renovated for the museum, revealing many secret chambers, conjuring and spell-casting devices, Mesmeric and illusionist tools, spirit photographs, inexplicable objects, and enigmatic scripts that defy all attempts at translation.



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