Splintering Humanity: Religious Extremism in Defiance of a Global Community

Featuring Guy Colwell, Tatiana Garmendia, Richard Godinez, Art Hazelwood, Susan Kraft, Roberta Loach, Harry Powers, Jos Sances, Brian Taylor

DATES September 29 - November 25, 2012

RECEPTIONFriday, September 28 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Artist's SiteTatiana Garmendia
Art Hazelwood
Susan Kraft
Roberta Loach
Harry Powers
Jos Sances
Brian Taylor

Curatorial StatementWall Text Panels

RECEPTIONFriday, September 28 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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Tatiana Garmendia, Preserve 1,
mixed media on mylar


Art Hazelwood,
The Liberation of Eden,
2007, lithograph


Richard Godinez, Historical Inevitability,
oil on canvas


Susan Kraft, Hidden Life Wearing Heels,
acrylic on canvas, 2010

When noted educator, philosopher, and communications scholar Marshall McLuhan first coined the phrase “global village” in 1962, he could not possibly have foreseen just how interconnected and interdependent the peoples of the world would become in a matter of mere decades. 

Splintering Humanity: Religious Extremism in Defiance of a Global Community is an art exhibition and social forum event that explores the diverse manifestations of religious extremism that continue to threaten the functionality of a tolerant world.  Artists in this exhibition explore and portray their views on religious extremism, its devastating results on societies and individuals, and their hopes for a world that can one day move beyond its miring effects. 

Among the artists participating in this exhibition will be Richard Godinez, whose painting looks at the Israeli/Palestinian connection, and the large scale works of Tatiana Garmendia which cast an eye upon the effects of war fought in the name of religion.  Additional artists will include nationally renowned painters and printmakers Roberta Loach and Art Hazelwood, who present satirical and biting commentaries on the foibles of elevating one belief system over another. 

Also featured will be a compelling photo essay by the internationally celebrated photographer, Brian Taylor, whose haunting photographs of the dim and dingy confines of the imprisoned royal family of Tsar Nicolas II as they were imprisoned by the Leninists present another aspect of religious extremism.  In this case, the systematic imposition of a political construct that eliminates all religion … extremism in the other direction.  Painter Susan Kraft exposes the misogyny inherent in certain extremist factions of contemporary religions, particularly the often forced concealment of personal identity. 

Not limited to any particular religion or region, these and other artists will present the harrowing commonalities found in all forms of religious extremism.  Whether it is the marginal fundamentalism of Islam or the politicized narrowness of fundamental American Protestantism resorting to intimidation and violence in an attempt to force their views, or the militant extremism of an unyielding fundamental Jewish sect, or any other group of religious extremists that deny and violate the very tenets of their proclaimed faith in the exercise and misappropriation of a religious system to deny others their human rights, all are to be subject to these artist's critical eyes.

The exhibition Splintering Humanity: Religious Extremism in Defiance of a Global Community is to be the central hub of a socialforum: a series of events and programs to engender community discussion on this timely and all too prevalent phenomenon.

This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Borgenicht Foundation.

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