2013 Statewide Painting Competition/Exhibition

DATESDecember 7, 2013 to Feb. 2, 2014

RECEPTIONFriday, December 13, 2013, 6:00 to 8:00pm

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Van Hart

1st Place - Holly Van Hart, Possibilities Abound, 2013


1st Place - Cuong Nguyen, Portrait of Paul as Leonardo, 2013

This year’s competition was BIG. More than 1,000 entries were received. The submissions were strong and the competition was stiff. Our job was made quite difficult by the strength and quality of the entries. Of necessity we were limited in the number of works we could select and many wonderful artworks were not selected, though many were stunning in their own right. In the end, 90 works were juried into the show.

This year’s Statewide Painting Competition & Exhibition was juried by the Curatorial Team at the Triton Museum: Preston Metcalf, Chief Curator; Maria Ester Fernández, Curator of Education/Curator; and Stephanie Learmonth; Registrar/Curator. The jurying process was simple. All entries were placed in a PowerPoint slide presentation and each juror went through the submissions separately, assigning a “yes,” “maybe,” or “no” to each slide. After each juror completed the process the results were compared. The submissions that received three “yeses” were selected for the show. Next, the submissions that received two “yeses” and one “maybe” were also included in the exhibition. Obviously that excluded many works that one or more jurors found to be equally worthy of inclusion, but with multiple jurors the consensus of opinion must also be taken into consideration. In the end, I believe each of the jurors were pleased with the selection, while at the same time we were each surprised at the number of wonderful works that were not included, but space limitations ultimately prevailed.


Competition Winners
  • Holly Van Hart - 1st Place
  • Cuong Nguyen - 1st Place
  • Christopher Olsen - 2nd Place
  • Maura Carta - 3rd Place







    Honorable Mentions
  • Ashlie Benton
  • Jennifer M. Blalack
  • Yvette Brown
  • Lynette Cook
  • Mark Garner
  • Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo
  • B. Nicole Klassen
  • Steven McDonald
  • Farshid Namei
  • Nabeela Sajjad
  • Jim Smyth


    Additional Artists:
  • Mel Adamson
  • Ron Andrews
  • Frank Ansley
  • Tamera Avery
  • Rajani Balaram
  • Tom Baus
  • Carole Belliveau
  • Lou Bermingham
  • Kenneth Burton
  • Marie Cameron
  • Lorraine Capparell
  • Peter Carey
  • Lenore Chinn
  • Dennis Collins
  • Guy Colwell
  • Brigitte Curt
  • Gregory Deane
  • Sheila Delimont
  • Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila
  • Irene Dogmatic
  • Barbara Downs
  • Marnie Dufau
  • Linda Dulaney
  • Karen Frey
  • Thomas Goglio
  • Dora Aldworth Grinnell
  • Richard Gullion
  • Terry Guyer
  • Dana Harris
  • Joan Harvey
  • Jane Hofstetter
  • Ellen Howard
  • Diana Jaye
  • Patricio Jimenez
  • Deepali Kapatkar
  • Kimia Kasraie
  • Azeem Khaliq
  • Jaya King
  • Michael Joe Kirkbride
  • Rosalie Lang
  • Oscar Lars
  • Robyn Leimer
  • Burt Levitsky
  • Sydell Lewis
  • Lucy Liew
  • Vincent Liu
  • Ed Lucey
  • Sandra MacDiarmid
  • Will Maller
  • Pat Mayer
  • Charles Dennis McDevitt
  • Bonnie Neumann
  • Leslie Nielson
  • James Ong
  • Donna Orme
  • Fernando Reyes
  • Teresa Ruzzo
  • Zoya Scholis
  • Claire Schroeven Verbiest
  • Addie Shevlin
  • Linda Smythe
  • David Stonesifer
  • Raja Guha Thakurta
  • Nina Uppaluru
  • Victoria Veedell
  • Kevyn Warnock
  • Bing Zhang
  • Floy Zittin
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