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Layers and Splashes

Ayesha Samdani

Through September 1st

Now on View in the

Cowell Gallery


Bay Area artist Ayesha Samdani is known for her bold and bright abstract paintings. Her confident brushstrokes bring a rhythmic movement to her canvases which display her love for the beauty of nature. She expertly uses limited color palettes and lyrical linework to depict the changing seasons, capturing the moods felt between us and the natural world. This exhibition will include various sizes of Samdani’s abstract paintings as well as some Islamic calligraphy paintings.

Artist Statement

I find myself getting immersed in the beauty of nature’s colors. These colors have a very strong impact on my personality and paintings as they remind me of my cultural background. My art is inspired by nature therefore I see my reflection in leaves, trees and branches that changes modes and colors with the seasons. I use a various limited color palette for each painting to depict different moods of nature. Through variations of lines, layers and color palette, I explore the

sensitivity and delicacy of changing seasons. Some paintings reveal the beauty of

spring and fall and some impression of summer and winter.

I arrange my composition by depicting organic forms, lines, colors, drips and brush strokes. On my painting surface, I look for interesting organic shapes and capture them. I explore the relationship between the loose marks and the developed shapes. My lyrical lines add a rhythm though out the piece. I leave the evidence of the painting process by adding translucent layers on top of each other. I add drips to ease the tension between shapes and colors. By adding the energy of brush strokes, I guide the viewer’s eye to each corner of the painting. The exploration of different shapes and marks continues to evolve until I reach the veiling process. The veil adds daintiness, softness and tranquility to the overall look. This cohesive body of work is a combination of my cultural and personal experience.


Ayesha Samdan, Dried Leaves, 2023, oil on canvas.

Exhibition Images

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