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Memories Revisited

Holt Murray

Through December 2023

Now on View in the

Digital Gallery


Holt Murray was an accomplished metal sculptor and educator who taught 3D Design and Sculpture courses at Cabrillo College for 30 years. Murray found inspiration from working with farm machinery and in a steel mill, also during his time in the U.S. Navy. He also incorporated inspiration from his travels into his sculptural work. After retiring from teaching, Murray continued to create art until his passing in 2008.

The Triton Museum of Art wishes to thank Margaret Stanton Murray for her kind and generous donation of multiple Holt Murray works to the Museum's Permanent Collection. A majority of these works are currently on view in the Museum's Digital Gallery and will be available to view until the end of 2023.

Artist Statement


2023 "Memories Revisited" Exhibition

Exhibition Images

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