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Spirit in Bloom: May Shei's Ink and Watercolor Worlds

May Shei

Through December 30th

Now on View in the

Warburton Gallery


Mastering both traditional Chinese artwork and contemporary abstract painting, May Shei continues to amaze and inspire through her journey as an artist and teacher. Influenced by the beauty of nature, Shei paints detailed and delicate scenes of figures, animals, and landscapes. Trained professionally in design, she is a master of composition and color. This exhibition will showcase a variety of her works on paper.

Artist Statement

“Take time today to look unto the hill, to walk in ways where quiet waters flow; to see the beauty that all nature fills... take time today just to be still and know.” - Take Time , by David Ogletree

Although my Hakka grandparents and dad and my Taiwanese mom never read this poem, I learned many of the same principles from them when I was a child. I was very lucky to be raised in the town of Meinong, where the Hakka culture was and is alive and well, and to be raised in our old family home near a National Park. As a result, I grew up immersed in very traditional culture and beautiful nature scenery.

"For a deep and true appreciation of art one must educate the eye.” - Helen Keller

I believe in painting people you love so much, painting antiques from grandparents, dad and mom, and lovely kids' gifts. The process is a joyful ceremony, painting how I feel and what I care about.

"Take one bright star to guide your path.” - Take A Bright Star , by Georgia B. Adams

I am so grateful for the many bright stars in my life in art, they helped me a lot, and allowed me to stay strong on the windy path.

“Keep a green bough in your heart, and the singing bird will come.” - Chinese Proverb

I believe all kinds of beautiful artworks are a universal language. Thanks to my family fully supporting me, I learned watercolor, calligraphy, ink, and Chinese paintings. An artist is similar to a gardener, because without hard work, there are no beautiful flowers, butterflies, or birds.

“Beauty seen is never lost.” - John Greenleaf Whittier

Most of the time it is true, if we can put the painting in the document, we can frame it and enjoy it year by year.​

My solo show paintings are a sketch book of my path - either pure, transparent, or ink and watercolor, or opaque mixed media, I tried every possibility for my artwork, to try and find the richness of values, texture and the tone, no matter if they are black and white or color. My family and I would like to thank the Triton Museum of Art for this solo show, which is a golden opportunity and every artist's dream come true, and we appreciate that.

May Shei at Lucky Cloud Art Studio

May Shei 2023

"Time Goes By"

Exhibition Images

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