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Tall Tales

John Cerney

Through January 14th

Now on View in the

Permanent Gallery


John Cerney is a mural artist from Monterey County who creates large, realistic painted wood sculptures. His work evolved from smaller scale portrait work to the larger than life artwork you may find along highways or near farms and other businesses. Be sure to visit our Permanent Collection this fall to view his large works in person and feel free to snap some selfies while you're there.

Artist Statement

My work is meant for an audience that is not prepared to view

art, or who may not even have an opinion about art, but people

who are held captive in their cars while heading someplace. It

doesn’t matter to me that they know who created the pieces or

have any notion of how it came to be. I’m satisfied that for a

few miles down the road they are left with some wonderment.

In the rare event of showing my work in the confines of a

gallery, I’m able to create little stories that invite a slower

pondering of what’s taking place. I tend towards the theatrical,

and I consider my pieces one act plays. I’m grateful for the

generous size of the gallery so I can fill up the space with my

oversized ‘actors’.

John Cerney



Exhibition Images

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