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Salon at the Triton 2024 Winners

2024 Salon at the Triton Selected Artists

Abel Manalo

Alicia Murphy

Andrew Jackson

Andy Forrest

Anna Gelman

Annette LeMay Burke

Annie Haines

Beth Fein

Bibby Gignilliat

Bing Zhang

Brian Bounds

Brigitte Carnochan

Caren Wynne

Catie O'Leary

Chiachen Wang

Christie Marks

Christopher Newhard

Cynthia Brannvall

Dan Alcaxzar

Daniela Schweitzer

Darren Sears

David Ruiz

David Stonesifer

David Stubbs

Dawn Tower

Dean Larson

Debbie Dicker

Deborah Sibony

Deirdre White

Diane Abt

Diane Warner-Wang

Dobee Snowber

Dora Duan

Eileen David

Elaine Heron

Elizabeth Geisler

Elizabeth McKinne

Ellen Brook

Ellen Konar and Steve Goldband

Evelyn Wester

Fiorenza Gorini

Frances Wren

Gabe Narciso

GayLynn Ribeira

Hadi Aghaee

Howard Hersh

Irena Kononova

James Groleau

James Whitehouse

Janey Fritsche

Jenifer J Renzel

Jennifer Anderson

Jim Promessi

Jonathan Crow

Julie Carcione

Julie Grantz

Julie Kavanagh

Julie Weaverling

Karen Benioff Friedman

Karen Cox

Karen Mason

Karen White

Katherine Filice

Kathleen Mitchell

Kathryn Wills

Kathy Dana

Ken Fowkes

Kim Smith

Lei Min

Leslie Landers

Lonnie Zarem

Louis Chan

Lucy Beck

Luiza Maia

Magué Calanche

Maria Kazanskaya

Maura Carta

Melissa Mandegarian

Michael Acker

Michael Endicott

Michael Welch

Michelle Mongan

Mihail Kivachitsky

Mitchell Johnson

Ni Zhu

Pablo Villicaña Lara

Patricia Jones

Patricio Jimenez

Patrick Samuels

Peter Carey

Philip Rosenthal

Rachel Davis

Renée Switkes

Robyn Freedman

Rosalinda Taymor

Roston Johnson

Sabin Filip

Samuel Price

Sandra Speidel

Scott Johnson

Shirley Manfredi

Sriharsha Annadore

Stanislava Chening

Stanley Peterson

Stephanie Thwaites

Susan Costes

Susan Friedman

Suzette McDonough & James Whitehouse

Vivian Patton

Ward George

Yen Yen Tay

Youming Cate

Best in Show Winner

Dean Larson, Urban Light, 2023, oil, 42 x 50.

Dean Larson

Urban Light, 2023, oil, 42 x 50.

Category: Painting

Jim Promessi, The fourth in Sonoma, 2023, oil, 38 x 32.


Jim Promessi

The Fourth in Sonoma, 2023, Oil, 38 x 32.

Julie Kavanagh, Abundance, 2024, oil, 24 x 24.


Julie Kavanagh

Abundance, 2024, Oil, 24 x 24.

Ni Zhu, The Woman Who Sells Fish, 2019, oil, 32 x 32.


Ni Zhu

The Woman Who Sells Fish, 2019, Oil, 32 x 32.

Category: Drawing


Vivian Patton

A Perfect Moment, 2024, Pastel, 20.5 x 29.5.


Julie Grantz

Wishbone Study, Charcoal Drawing, 2024, 24 x 16.


Gabriel Narcisco

Lost in Ikea, 2023, Ink, 11.5 x 14.5.

Category: Photography

Stanislava Chening, Portrait Of a Youth Through Time, 2022, Photography, 18 x 22.


Stanislava Chening

Portrait Of a Youth Through Time, 2022, Photography, 18 x 22.

Dora Duan, Away, 2024, Photography, 24 x 18.


Dora Duan

Away, 2024, Photography, 24 x 18.


Ellen Konar & Steve Goldband

Across, 2022, Photo Encaustic Pigment Print, 20 x 30.

Category: Mixed Media & Printmaking

Mague Calanche, Doblando La Realidad, Bending Realities, 2021, Mixed Media, 48 x 36.



Doblando La Realidad, Bending Realities, 2021, Mixed Media, 48 x 36.


Christie Marks

Mekong Sojourn, 2020, Mixed Media, 26 x 38.

Sabin Filip

Ends & Begins, 2023, Mixed Media, 34 x 55.

Sabin Filip, Ends & Begins, 2023, Mix Media, 34 x 55.


Category: Watercolor

Peter Carey, Chartres Cathedral, 2024, Watercolor, 22 x 26.


Peter Carey

Chartres Cathedral, 2024, Watercolor, 22 x 26.

Pablo Villicana Lara, Silver Heart, 2022, Watercolor, 31 x 25.


Pablo Villicaña Lara

Silver Heart, 2022, Watercolor, 31 x 25.

Louis Chan, Prayer, 2016, Watercolor, 21 x 31.


Louis Chan

Prayer, 2016, Watercolor, 21 x 31.

Honorable Mentions

Director & Curator's Choice

Curator’s Choice: 
Vanessa Callanta, Curator

Deirdre White, Summer Had Inhaled And Held Its Breath Too Long, 2021, Oil on Panel, 30 x 36.

This painting stands out to me as beautiful and, at the same time, horrifying. There’s this sense of dread and heaviness I feel while viewing it, but it has this morbid allure that keeps me hooked. I want to know what shape the deflated balloon once took, but am afraid to ask. The bold colors, while simultaneously grotesque and attractive imply a sense of illness and unrest. I love it and cannot look away.

Director’s Choice:

Preston Metcalf, Executive Director and Senior Curator

Suzette McDonough James Whitehouse, Paparazzi Portrait #2, Mitch Huitema & Tim Holmes, 2022, acrylic, 36 x 48.

I am often intrigued by partners who paint together. How does one project their vision in concert with another? It is an exercise in trust, and valuing the creativity of each. Suzette and James have made tandem painting one of their trademarks. Sometimes they will each paint the same subject, to be shown side-by-side, while at other times — as in this painting — they will each contribute to the same canvas. I am intrigued not only by the decisions each make in composing the overall whole, but in the daringness they take as a team in portraying some parts in completion, while others are left to our imagination, as if in fleeting visions captured by paparazzi’s cameras.

Curator’s Choice –

Bryan Callanta, Curator of Digital Programming

Bounds, Float, 2023, Acrylic, 24 x 12.

I enjoy this painting for its subject matter, it’s creativity, and uniqueness. I am intrigued as to why the whale is floating on the surface of the water. There is a heart on fire above the creature which may represent a passion or feeling of love. There are also scars on the whale’s head and body. What is it that the whale is ultimately seeking outside of its home?

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