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JAN 13 - APR 14

Sam Hernández: Souvenirs

Sam Hernández

Will be on View in the
Warburton Gallery


For almost six decades, prolific artist Sam Hernández created art the traditional way – making it all by hand. Immersing himself in his work, his painstaking craft breathed new life into a wide range of materials, including wax, wood, metals, found objects, and paint, as he formed, shaped, and joined them with tools as diverse as Native American crook-knives and high-powered pneumatic sandblasters. While mostly abstract, familiar symbols and elements emerge throughout, revealing the artist’s broad interest in a range of cultural arts and aesthetic transformations. The art on exhibit will feature work from the mid-1990’s to 2022.

With his sudden passing in the fall of 2022, this exhibition transformed into a celebration of Hernández’s art, life, and career. His influence on multitudes of Santa Clara University students and fellow artists, over decades, has enriched the art and culture of our region, and beyond.

This exhibition has been guest curated by Jo Farb Hernández: curator, award-winning author, folklorist, and former Director/Chief Curator of several area museums and galleries, including the Triton Museum of Art.

With great appreciation we recognize Katie Gibson’s contributions and support, which have helped to make this exhibition possible.


Sam Hernández, Bini, 2005, redwood (photo by r.r. jones).

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