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Triton Workshop: “Creative Calm: Mindful Art for Youth”



$45 Members, $ 55 Non-Members

Saturday, June 8th, 2024 from 11:00am to 1:00pm
Linn Studio

1 Day

About the Course

Triton Museum Art Workshop: “Creative Calm: Mindful Art for Youth” with My Good Brain

Location and Time: Linn Studio, Saturday June 8th from 11:00am-1:00pm

Price: $45 members, $55 non-members

All levels are welcome. Partial Materials Included.

For ages 5-18


Join artist Theresa Chung and organization My Good Brain at the Triton Museum this Summer and practice mindful art! We will be engaging in a Social Emotional Learning Workshop Through Art, open to children and teens ages 5-18. Fostered through interactive sessions, this workshop aims to enhance emotional awareness and well-being for youth through creative expression.

In this workshop, participants will:

● Discover the power of art as a tool for expressing emotions in a safe and creative environment.

● Explore collage art, drawing, and more, while learning about mindfulness and its practical applications in everyday life.

● Explore the Triton Museum’s Sculpture Garden and create art inspired by what they see.

Materials List:

1. Canvas*

2. Watercolor Paint*

3. Paintbrushes*

4. Pencils*

5. Colored Pencils*

6. Oil Pastels*

7. Glue Sticks*

8. Picnic Blanket (please bring on day of workshop)

Optional List:

● Clipboards

● Magazines

● Small cup to hold water

* Mindfulness prompts, Watercolor paint, paintbrushes, canvas, colored pencils, oil pastels,

glue, and drawing paper will be provided.

Your Instructor

Theresa Chung

Theresa Chung

Instructor Theresa Chung is the 2023-2024 Resident Artist of My Good Brain. She is a full-time mom, part-time engineer, and aspiring paper artist. She is also the woman behind Paper Picture Mama, a Bay Area based small creative business where she shares her love of paper art through handmade cards, stationery, and thoughtful gifts. Chung is inspired by all things fun, colorful, and uplifting. My Good Brain is an arts based nonprofit focused on promoting mental wellness among school- aged youth. Through the vehicle of art and play, they aim to teach children from a young age through adolescence how to practice healthy coping strategies for mental and emotional wellness.

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