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The Museum offers a learning environment in which curiosity, experimentation, and spirited dialogue are encouraged. Our aim is for each visitor, regardless of age, background or ability, to experience the museum with enthusiasm and success, empowered by new perspectives and ideas.

Child looks at an exhibition in the Permanent Collection Gallery. Image Courtesy the Triton Museum of Art.

For Adults

Book CLub at the Triton Museum of Art

Monthly Book Club

We invite you to read selected novels about art or famous artists before we meet, for an art history presentation about that month’s novel, the portrayed artist, and related art, Learn how the novel does — or doesn’t — comport to the actual history of its subject, and hear more about the artwork and the artists.

Art Talk and Lectures at the Triton Museum of Art

Art Talks & Lectures

Learn more about the artworks within the Triton Museum of Art from showcasing artists through artist talks. In addition to our Artist Talks, learn more about general art history and art through lectures.


Art Courses & Workshops

Develop and grow your drawing skills through the Triton Museum of Art's art courses and workshops. We provide a variety of art courses and workshops that are for a variety of age ranges. Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, these courses offer something for everyone, so check it out! 

For Young Adults & Students


Sketch at the Triton

Sketch away at the Triton Museum of Art! Contact for any inquiries or with the front desk attendant. 

Teen Docent Image 2.jpg

Career's Internships, & Volunteer at the Triton

Interested in a career in the Museum world? Need some volunteer hours? Contact or check out our careers page for more information!

For Kids and Families


Kid's Art Classes

Develop and grow your drawing skills through the Triton Museum of Art's after school classes. We provide a variety of after school courses that are for a variety of age ranges, typically for elementary through high school ages. 


For Educators


K-12 School Visits

Are you a k-12 educator in the Bay area looking for field trip ideas? Come visit the Triton Museum for a self-guided experience with your class! Admission is free for the general public. Teachers are welcome to visit the museum before their field trip to visualize their experience. 


Art Tours

Make the experience of art a part of your school year! Schedule a guided tour and hands-on art activity for your class, club, or group at the Triton Museum of Art and let your students discover cultural enrichment within their community. 

Art Tours at the Triton Museum of Art

Contact Us

Please contact for inquiries.

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