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the front facade of the Triton Museum of Art

Who We Are

For 56 years, the Triton Museum of Art has been a destination for the community, providing a venue where local artists exhibit their work alongside regional and national artists and where students of all ages learn about art and the creative process. Located across the street from the Santa Clara Civic Center, the Triton Museum of Art collects and exhibits contemporary and historical works with an emphasis on artists of the Greater Bay Area. Over 40,000 people attend the museum on-site annually through its exhibitions, education, and community programs, and over 90,000 people view the museum's satellite gallery and exhibitions annually.

Our Mission Statement

The Triton Museum of Art is a vital community resource that provides accessible exhibitions and education programs that promote a broad range of contemporary California art. Through our multi-faceted programs, we bring together the culturally diverse population of the Greater Bay Area to foster a better understanding of art and its role in building a strong community.

Our Roots

historic Image of the Morgan Horse in front of the Triton Museum of Art

The Triton Museum of Art was founded by rancher, lawyer, and art patron W. Robert Morgan and his wife June in San Jose, California, in 1965. It was the first non-university art museum in the county. Less than two years after its opening, the Triton Museum moved to its current location within the City of Santa Clara. Exhibitions and programs were held in four pavilions surrounded by a seven-acre park.


Due to the tremendous economic and population growth of the Santa Clara Valley during the 1970s, a new facility was built to serve the changing needs of the community. Construction for the current facility was completed in October 1987. The 22,000-square-foot space features high ceilings, pyramidal skylights, and dramatic lighting. The spacious design of the building was created for versatile exhibition presentation as well as an aesthetically pleasing experience for museum visitors.









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