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Book Club

Monthly meetings on the first Wednesdays of each month 9:30 - 10:30 AM PST at the Triton Museum of Art. (doors open at 9:00 a.m. for coffee and donuts; presentation begins at 9:30 a.m.)

We invite you to read selected novels about art or famous artists before we meet, and then join us on the first Wednesday morning of each month, for an art history presentation about that month’s novel, the portrayed artist, and related art, as presented by Triton Museum Executive Director Preston Metcalf and Triton Museum Associate Curator Vanessa Callanta. Learn how the novel does — or doesn’t — comport to the actual history of its subject, and hear more about the artwork and the artists’ times in which they were created.


Admission to the monthly book club art history lectures is free for Triton Museum of Art Members ($5 donation requested for non-members), and all are welcome, whether you have actually read the book or not. Coffee and pastries will be served.

Discussions are held safely distanced & in person at the Triton Museum of Art Free for TMA members, $5 suggested donation for non-members

Take a look at what we'll be reading for 2023!
This Upcoming Month's Book:
The Last Mona Lisa by Jonathan Santlofer
October 4th, 2023

August 1911: The Mona Lisa is stolen by Vincent Peruggia. Exactly what happens in the two years before its recovery is a mystery. Many replicas of the Mona Lisa exist, and more than one historian has wondered if the painting now returned to the Louvre is a fake, switched in 1911. Present day: Art professor Luke Perrone digs for the truth behind his most famous ancestor: Peruggia. His search attracts an Interpol detective with something to prove and an unfamiliar but curiously helpful woman. Soon, Luke tumbles deep into the world of art and forgery, a land of obsession and danger. The history of the Mona Lisa — arguably the most famous painting in the world — is rich and loaded with twists and turns.


Join us as Executive Director Preston Metcalf takes us along as he travels the history of one incredible work.

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