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The Same Streets Everyday

Lost San Jose

Through May 12th

Now on View in the

Rotunda Gallery


Local urban photographer Lost San Jose brings together years’ worth of work in his exhibition The Same Streets Everyday. The collection on view will show urban photography of various sizes and formats, demonstrating how locations change subtly or dramatically over time and how we perceive them. Upon visiting the gallery, visitors will observe differences and similarities between the clusters of photographs - How does this compare to what you experience in visiting the same places in your city or community? What will you now notice that you’ve never seen before?

Artist Statement

Lost San Jose is an ongoing series of photos and stories, a collection of fragments that make up the landscape of my life in Silicon Valley. It’s a tribute to the four generations of my family that haunt these streets, a eulogy for an endlessly erased city that always pushes away what was or could have been.

About the Collection 

The Same Streets Everyday explores the ever-shifting landscapes of the places that have become home, the mysteries that hide in the everyday, and the patterns and constants that emerge when you walk the same streets for years. It’s purposely taken wrong turns, worn out shoes, quiet hours, and cloudy days. It’s insomnia, trespassing, and a camera. 

The photos on the walls, presented in no particular order, were taken with over a dozen different cameras, span over a decade of time, and were all taken while walking the streets of San Jose. 


Lost San Jose, Living in the Flight Path, 2016, digital photograph.

Exhibition Images

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