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2023 Salon at the Triton Museum: 2D Competition Winners

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted and participated in our 2023 Salon at the Triton Museum of Art: 2D Competition. 

2023 Salon at the Triton Museum Recipients

Andrew Leone

Andy Nguyen

B. Nicole Klassen

Barbara McLain

Bernard Lint

Bing Zhang

Bismillah Iqbal

Brandon Stauffer

Brenda York

Cathy Locke

Chiachen Wang

Chieko Shimizu

Chris Patio

Christie Marks

Clark Gussin

Dana Mano-Flank

Dana Weigand

Dave Ralston

Deborah Hall

Denise Howard

Denise Laws

Dottie Lo Bue

Edi Matsumoto

Elaine Heron

Elena Mukhina

Elizabeth Barlow

Enrique Luna

Eric Guan Fei

Fiorenza Gorini

Hadi Aghaee

Hana Lock

Hanh Tran

Hargun M Mann

Heather Capen

Helen Yang

Hwei-Li Tsao

James Mertke

Jane Yuen Corich

Janet Yelner

Janey Fritsche

Jaya King

Jeff Herman

Jeff Ishikawa

Jemal Diamond

Jim Promessi

Jonathan Crow

Jonathan L. Clark

Joy Broom

Julia Munger Seelos

Julia Woods

Julie Grantz

Julie Tsang Kavanagh

Juliette Berman

Jung Han Kim

Kaaren Marquez

Kanna Aoki

Karen Cox

Karl L Jensen

Katherine Young

Kendra Morrison

Kevin Bjorke

Laura Mchugh

Leslie Landers

Lin-Ching Peng

Lorraine Lawson

Lou Bermingham

Lynne Auld

Maeve Croghan

Mariana Moreno-Gonzalez

Marie Cameron

Marise Zimmermann

Marti Somers

Mats Olsson

Matthew Reynolds

Maura Carta

May Shei

MeiYing Dell-Aquila

Melissa Kreisa

Mila Kirillova

Mina Ho Ferrante

Muneeba Zeeshan

Ni Zhu

Olivia Chen

Omar Harb

Pat Moseuk

Patricia Jones

Paul Art Lee

Peter Baczek

Peter Carey

Peter R. Paluzzi

Raja GuhaThakurta

Richard Dweck

Renée Switkes

Robert Semans

Ron Dell'Aquila

Seema Gupta

Sena Clara Creston

Sharon Pomales Tousey

Silvia Poloto

Stanislava Chening

Starr Davis

Stephanie Gieralt Mullaly

Stephen Mangum

Susan Chan

Susan Manchester

Susie Wilson

Suszi Lurie McFadden

Tiffany Wan

Trung Cao

Youming Cate

Yuliia Kolesnytska

Hana Lock_Guren_2022_ballpoint pen, acrylic, watercolor, ink, and gold foil on wood panels

2023 Salon Best of Show Winner!

Hana Lock

Guren, 2022, Ballpoint Pen, Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink and Gold Foil on Wood Panels, 24" x 72"


"Tea Leaves" by Cathy Locke wins first place in painting of three variations of the same women overlapping and in different stages of drinking out of a teacup

First Place

Cathy Locke
Tea Leaves, 2022, Oil, 25" x 31"
"Girl With Dahlias" by Julie Kavanagh wins second place in painting. A young girl gazes longingly off to the side surrounded by a backdrop of flowers

Second Place

Julie Kavanagh

Girl with Dahlias, 2021, Oil on Panel, 28" x 24"


First Place
Tiffany Wan
Serenity, 2023, Graphite, 20" x 26.25"
"Serenity" by Tiffany Wan won first place in Drawing. A shirtless man gazes up, his eyes closed, and his arm reaches out behind his head.
"Girl with Pearl Necklace" (2023) by Youming Cate won second place in drawing. A modern day looking women gazes strongly off to the distance with pearls on her neck

Second Place

Youming Cate

Girl with Pearl Necklace, 2023, Pastel on Paper, 27.5" x 21.5"


First Place
Elaine Heron
Mongolian Hunter and His Eagle, 2022, Photography, 20" x 24"

Second Place

Ron Dell'Aquila

Storefront Conversation, 2023, Photography, 20" x 30"

Mixed Media / Printmaking

First Place
Peter Baczek
Flying Buttress, 2022, Etching, 25" x 21"

Second Place

Brenda York

A Conspiracy Of Happenstance And Moondust, 2023, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30" x 48"

Director's & Curator's Choice

Director's Choice (Preston Metcalf, Executive Director and Senior Curator): Katherine Young, The Sacred Sea 

Curator's Choice (Vanessa Callanta, Curator): Stanislava Chening, Sonya

Curator's Choice (Bryan Callanta, Curator of Digital Programming): Chieko Shimizu, AMAVI

Director's Choice

Preston Metcalf, Executive Director and Senior Curator

Katherine Young

The Sacred Sea, 2023, Mixed Media--Oil and Gold Leaf on Wood Panel, 60" x 60"

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